The Oasis Project: Third Anniversary

About 100 Arab and Jewish volunteers came from all across the country to celebrate the third anniversary of our organic olive grove in Roha on Saturday, April 13th. The volunteers weeded the trees and afterwards gather together for a meal provided by the Wadi Ara members of Maan. At the end of the meal there was a workshop centered around getting to know the area, its human and natural environment.

Wagia Sidawi from Ar’ara told us about the problems that the local villages have been having when it comes to developing new sources of employment. ”We have no tycoons who can invest in us,” he said. ”Our only tycoon is mother nature. I hope everyone comes to Wadi Ara to get to know its inhabitants and enjoy the glorious scenery.”

Oded Katzir from nearby Gan Hashomron gave a short lecture about the history and unique topography of the Roha region, which has a rocky soil that is not as fertile as the surrounding mountains. Despite this, most of the area is cultivated and covered with olive groves.

Hadas Lahav, CEO of Sindyanna of Galillee, greeted the volunteers who support the organization, help promote this unique project, and gather every year to see how the trees are growing and developing, proof of the power of Arab-Jewish partnerships.