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Israeli Producers Celebrate Record Year at World Competition

Olive Oil Times, the most-read source of information about olive oil, published a lengthy article about the record year that Israeli producers, including Sindyanna, had at the world’s most prestigious olive oil quality competition which was held in New York in May 2021.

In the Land of the Olive Tree: From Harvest to the Perfect Oil

Lovely article in Israel Today about how Sindyanna of Galilee has developed over more than 20 years from one small room to producing oil which is “nothing short of outstanding”, winning international prizes and selling all over the globe.

Hebrew version | English version

Among the World’s Best Olive Oils: An Israeli Olive Oil

Sindyanna of Galilee produces an olive oil that was included in a prestigious international list of the world’s best. In the “Israel Festival” currently celebrated by the American chain FAIRWAY, Sindyanna’s oil will be featured with many other blue-and-white products. An Israeli success story.

Read the entire article in Hebrew or in English.

Sindyanna’s Green Day

We will be holding a Green Day at our visitors center to celebrate the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), featuring cross-cultural activities related to establishing a green, fair and sustainable economy. We hope to see you all there!

Together through interactive workshops, including basket making, hydroponic agriculture, paper recycling, and cross-border solidarity, we will seek answers to questions such as:

  • What is an ecological basket?
  • What can you do with palm fronds?
  • Why and how do we recycle?
  • How can we grow vegetables without soil?
  • What is the connection between lettuce and women’s empowerment?
  • Why Fair Trade?

We will also be running an arts and crafts fair which will feature products produced by Palestinian artisan members of BFTA. Following the workshops, we will share a delicious meal provided by recent graduates of Sindyanna’s catering course.

A simple wish for this holiday season – we hope that everyone who reads this will tell their family and friends about Sindyanna, and how every bottle of our Fair Trade Olive Oil encapsulates a taste of coexistence.

We speak different languages, yet we are united by endless colors and shades. Together, building bridges between cultures, we help bring Sindyanna’s new vision to life. This is how our olive oil creates hope.

This year’s olive harvest is happening on Saturday October 28 from 8am to 1pm, and everyone is welcome to join us. You can find more details in our harvest poster (in Hebrew).

Our latest video celebrates the launch of our new line of socially responsible Extra Hopeful Olive Oils at the fancy food show (June 25-27 in NYC). You can also read the related press release.

We’re proud to announce that two of Sindyanna’s organic varieties are among the #top10bestEVOO in Israel –  #Surri is #5 and #Barne’a is #8. You can take a look at the full list on the EVOO World Ranking site.

image004Anyone who visited Sindyanna of Galilee in Kafr Qana on Saturday (March 4, 2017) was impressed by an unusual sight: some fifty Arab and Jewish women, including members of the Workers Advice Center (WAC-MAAN), women from Sindyanna, and members of the general public, all busily weaving baskets from date fronds. Read the full story about our unique Women’s Day event.

wfto-poverty-day_2Ahead of this year’s anti-poverty week (October 16-22), Sindyanna stands by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in our belief that the principles of Fair Trade are effective overarching tools to fight poverty, and their formula to eradicate poverty. Read more about our work with the WFTO.

Great coverage for Sindyanna in Forbes – “How Sindyanna of Galilee Sells Olive Oil and The Hope of Arab-Israeli Peace“. For this and other publications, click through to our Media Mentions page.

Although the best prize of all remains the highly gratifying experience of developing the local olive industry while enhancing the livelihood of Arab women and supporting numerous opportunities for coexistence, we have won multiple international and local awards over the past few years, which attest to the quality, flavor and excellence of our extra virgin olive oils. Below are just a few examples (the full list can be found on our Awards & Medals page):