Olive Oil

Olive Groves Thriving Alongside Fair Trade
The olives for our award-winning organic and extra-virgin olive oils are cultivated in groves nestled amid the hills and valleys of Galilee in northern Israel. They are picked from the trees and within hours of harvesting, are cold pressed and stored in air-tight churns to capture their fresh flavor and aroma. The end result is delectable, premium quality, wholesome olive oils that reflects our passion and personal commitment.

Creating Liquid Gold
Caressed by the Mediterranean breeze, the venerable olive trees of the Galilee have been used by local inhabitants to produce “liquid gold” for thousands of years. We are proud to be part of this time-honored legacy.

By combining local tradition, modern know-how, and excellent olive cultivars we are able to produce premium quality, well balanced olive oils that offer distinct character, satisfying bitterness, tingling pungency, and a unique piquancy that follows through on the palate. Our olive oil varieties include Organic – Extra Peaceful Olive Oil, Barne’a – Extra Hopeful Olive Oil, Coratina – Extra Positive Olive Oil, and our House Blend – Extra Unified Olive Oil, which is composed of our Barne’a, Coratina and Picual cultivars. The results are as magical as the Galilean landscape.

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