Mission and Goals

We’re driven by our strong sense of values every step of the way. We strive to proudly execute five pillar principles that are embedded in our culture and form the backbone of our values, our mission and our business approach:

• Reclamation
In cooperation with other local organizations, we reclaimed derelict lands and transformed them into Israel’s first flourishing Jewish-Arab organic and regular olive groves. The results are as magical as the landscape. By combining sustainable cultivation with modern techniques, we are poised to produce more award-winning, best tasting olive oils. Yet, the fruits of our groves are already much more than great olive oil; rather, they are a passion for the environment, and invaluable, trust-building cooperation between local Arabs and Jews.


• Development and modernization of traditional Arab farming and agriculture
Until recently, Arab farmers in Israel cultivated and relied mainly on the Souri olive cultivar. Native to our region, the Souri cultivar is cultivated traditionally without irrigation, leading to sub-optimal quality, and commercially insufficient quantity, of produce. Recent years have seen scientific and technological advancements in the local olive oil industry, especially with the entry of new olive cultivars to Israel, which are especially suitable to our specific microclimate and various terroire areas.

Sindyanna of Galilee is a strong advocate of these new cultivars since they are more climate-resistant, yield more produce, and are better adapted to commercial market demands and requirements. Therefore, we have been investing resources in raising awareness and educating Arab farmers and consumers regarding the advantages of the high quality olive cultivars and their positive impact, alongside modern techniques and tools, on the olive oil industry as a whole and on individual household consumption in particular.


• Women’s empowerment
Sindyanna of Galilee strongly believes that empowering Arab women leads to empowerment of the Arab society as a whole, because women are more inclined to invest most of their energies and earnings back into the health, nutrition and education of their families. We seek to provide opportunities for Arab women to develop their skills and access to factors of production, land, labor, credit, training, marketing facilities, and all publicly available services and benefits, so they can achieve personal growth and become agents of change in their communities. We support a program in which experienced artisan women teach other women traditional handcraft skills; we then connect them with sales opportunities so they can turn these skills into income.


• Jewish-Arab coexistence
Sindyanna of Galilee has been animating individuals and conscientious consumers to take a leap of faith with us and bridge the cultural divide between Jews and Arabs. A mission that began by serving as the “missing link” between the Arab farmer and the Israeli market, has evolved into deep friendships between Arabs and Jews working together in cooperation towards a mutual goal.


• Fair trade
We verify that fair earnings and fair work terms are exercised throughout the value chain, bringing foresight, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact. We form close partnerships with our producers and build strong relationships based on socially responsible sourcing, integrity, trust and mutual respect. We choose our suppliers and mission partners not only according to the exceptional quality of their produce, but also according to their social conscience, which is at the heart of their work.