Visitor Feedback

The leaders of the IKAR congregation in Los Angeles had this to say about their visit to Sindyanna:
“It was such a pleasure to meet with you and your incredible team and see the beautiful work that you are doing. We all left feeling deeply inspired. I’m more than happy to help make these connections—we’re thrilled to share the good work you’re doing. I hope we can help amplify and support the great work you are doing.”
– L’shalom, Rabbi Sharon Brous
“It was such a pleasure to meet you and see your work up close. The inspiration that
we all felt during our visit truly reverberated throughout the rest of the trip.”
Melissa Balaban, Founder/Executive Director (July 2018)

“I found our time with Sindyanna the most moving time in our trip.  Tears came to my eyes many times.  The holocaust memorial in Jerusalem was certainly impressive but, for me, more numbing than emotional.  Much that Nadia and Ula [at Sindyanna] said was so hopeful and quietly joyful without being unrealistic about the hopelessness and sorrow of the overall current situation in Israel/Palestine.  When Jesus was able to give the people of Galilee in his time a reason to be hopeful and joyful, a sense that the rule or kingdom of heaven was at hand, in the midst of them, even in the midst of their grinding poverty and the rule of Roman oppression and the weight of Jewish law and authorities, it must have been something like this Sindyanna community.  Sure, in the long run, who knows how much difference they will be able to make, but what a difference they seem to be making right there, right now for each other and probably many whom they influence. Thanks again for this trip.
– Dr. Eben Carsey, June 2018 (the Nadia he refers to is Nadia Giol, Sindyanna’s main group guide)


Taglit youth discovering Sindyanna’s award winning olive oil
at our visitors center (June 2018)


“Thank you for all the information. Very interesting. I love reading about Sindyanna. It is a bright spot. I have shared with everyone I know and ordered a bunch of olive oil to use as gifts. Maybe I can get others to order it as well. I suppose helping a few people is better than nothing at all.”
– Jane Lerner, June 2018

“Visitumblr_oa9mwtzvxv1vyhv9qo1_1280ting Sindyanna was a wonderful highlight of our trip to Israel. Meeting a few of the Arab women who are selling baskets and other items made from basket making materials was something I will never forget.”

– Sharon from Congregation Dorshei Tzedek

“MaUntitledny Japanese really love your oil. when they taste it, many people say: So fresh! I’ve never tasted oils like this ever!!”
– Yuka Inoue from ZaharaOffice

“Big big appreciations to the works of your weaving team and your support!” – Kagoamidori/Weaverbird, Japan

“I recently purchased a bottle of your olive oil from the gift shop at the Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco. At first I thought it might simply be nothing more than a mere frivolity tasting an olive oil from a biblical location such as Galilee but then I read about how this product is the result of a cooperative of Arab/Israeli women and that piqued my interest even more.

I must say that I have never tasted such a finely crafted olive oil. It is quite subtle and exquisite; it doesn’t hit your palate like a sledgehammer like other mass produced olive oils. In my humble assessment, this is not the type of olive to be thoughtlessly thrown into a hot skillet; rather, it must be savored with a fine bread or fresh greens and fish (which I am doing with great pleasure).

I hope your cooperative continues to thrive and although the product is rather expensive, I shall purchase a few more bottles to savor.”
– Lawrence H. Chan, San Francisco, CA, USA
From the visitors center’s guest book
What an incredible place! Keep up the great work – keep working towards equality and peace. Thank you! Jodi Wishnia,
South Africa
Thank you so much for welcoming us here! Your work is so powerful and very inspiring. Love and prayers to you always. Kira Azam,
What a beautiful center and what wonderful hospitality. Thank you so much. We will continue to promote Sindyanna! Larry George
A wonderful visit – hopefully the first of many. I feel very excited about what is happening here and see the creativity of the women. Boris Johnston
We are very happy to visit you and see your wonderful work. We admire your cooperation: Arabs and Jews. Therefore there is a high possibility to live together and to have peace and hire peacefully the two people together. Good luck. Go ahead. May god bless you and keep you in his care and love. Marzina Dayek, Magfa Aburdana, Antoinette Atwan. Union group from Bethlehem, Bat Yar, and Bit Sahar
We are delighted to be your first visitors from the UK. The creative talent that has been developed is a beacon for the rest of your country. We sincerely hope that the principles of Sindyanna give hope and prosperity elsewhere in Israel. Ruth and Brian Sullis, UK
I am so glad that I got to hear the story of Sindyanna. This is the second time I have visited your project. Keep the faith; keep up the work. God bless you in all your efforts. Pat Mick
Thank you for your hospitality and pray God will bless and keep all of you. It is encouraging to see all about your work and cooperation with each other. Lois B Godfrey
Thank you for your commitment to building peace and building cooperation between the Jewish and Arab communities. Peace be with you. Judy Nutter
Thank you for teaching me a new skill. I am so happy to meet you. Thank you for your beautiful work. Rhoda Forrest,
San Diego, Califronia
Thank you very much for your hospitality and your friendliness. You all do amazing work! Best of luck for the future! Guilherme Dañaes, Brazil / UChicago
You are all truly amazing women. Keep up everything that you do. Have happiness and wealth. Katie Tu
Your project is a wonderful discovery! Thank you for the warm welcome and for all that you have taught us. Our very best wishes for continuing success with Sindyanna. Paul and Joanna Bairel
We have so enjoyed our visit. You are all doing such good work. Long may it continue. We wish you every success. Jill and Geoff Dobson
It is such a pleasure to see this project doing well. I wish you the best of luck in the future and hope our paths cross again. The work you are doing is inspirational and deserving of much praise. Thank you. Levi Gersh,
After hearing about your work for many years, it was a real honor to spend time with you. Thank you for your vision and work. Jackie DeCario,
Catholic Relief Services
Sindyanna Visitor Center is a kind of Utopia! I was really impressed with it. Hope more and more people will know about the visitor center and feel this peaceful atmosphere. Chihiro Imaizumi,
Thank you for sharing your passion with us. We will make an effort to share your story widely. Reverend Charles R Retty, Oklahoma
This has been an inspiring experience to see Arab and Israeli women and farmers work together. May peace prevail. Yvonne Turner,
VIM Team
Thank you for helping promote women’s rights and intercultural peace. Love the products you produce and sell. Laura Jet,
Volga, South Dakota
I was so excited to hear about the cooperation between Arabs and Jews. Your work is not just beautiful, but also exciting in terms of human rights. Lois Rogers-Watson, Palm Harbor, FL
Go forth and multiply! In our own little ways let us make a better world. Lorna Mae Vero, Phillippines
A great project. Thank you for explaining it and for your passion. Mair,
Salisbury UK
Thank you for your hospitality, the great food, and your openness. Your will to build bridges between Jews and Arabs impressed me! Margaret,
Thank you very much for talking about your program. It is a very nice place here. I think you have a great, important role in this society. Masa,
My name is Joseph Emmanuel Yaba from Nigeria… I founded Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa. I am very impressed with your work. Great job, Sindyanna. Keep making impact and improving the life of many women. Joseph Yaba,
May God bless the works of your hands! Good work for peaceful living. Banya Emmanuel, Uganda
This is a moving testimony of the works being done by the two communities of women. Interestingly, this could be the start of a lasting peace. Shalom. Maunigu Ngoma,
It was a great pleasure to meet with such good people like you! You are doing a great job! God bless you! If you need any help from my country, welcome! Zarine,
Thank you so much for sparing the time today to show us what you do here at the center, and to talk with us about what you think and how feel, about the lives of women around here. It is inspiring that these women are appreciated and empowered, and mixing and supporting each other. I will treasure this basket that I have helped make, in light of all that it represents. Lyndsey and Jo
Thank you for a fantastic visit. It was a privilege to meet Sindyanna. Your project is inspiring! I hope to meet you again and to use your products back home in the UK! Minque, Eastbourne,
Amazing project, an example, we wish you only success. Bravo for your courage. Tania,
Thank you for a beautiful morning showing all the good you are doing for your community. We appreciate and applaud this initiative. The Schwartz Family
Thank you so much for the wonderful visit and all the information you shared. The work that you do is so important. We wish you continued success in all you do. Ruth Paris and Laurie Stillman
Thank you for sharing your beautiful and important mission with our family. Thank you and wishing you continued success! The Turner / Werner Family,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin