Fair Trade Declaration

Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee works with Israel’s Arab population to bring and share expertise and practical approaches to bridge cultural divides, encourage sustainable agriculture, and support organic farming. Our staff consists of Arab and Jewish women who share a vision of peaceful coexistence; they work collaboratively toward these goals with skill, care, and passion for their crafts.

Our extra-virgin olive oil and organic extra-virgin olive oil are fair trade certified. We are a female-led non-profit organization that promotes concepts of business for peace and fair trade in Israel. We work closely with Arab producers and sell their olive oil and other products according to Fair Trade principles, then direct the profits toward women’s education. In addition, we ensure that our workers have equitable, fair, and safe working conditions.

Read more about our Global Community of Fair Trade Enterprises in WFTO.com

Little green gems ready for harvest in October – an organic and Fair Trade olive grove in the Galilee

2019 Membership Certificate ID 274

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