Here you can see images from our various activities, including pictures from our traditional basket weaving courses, our organic soap, olive, sesame and za’atar producers, our visitors center and much more. You can view more photos and videos through the links on the left hand menu.

2022 Photos


Creating the New Logo for Sindyanna

We recently launched our new line of premium fair trade olive oils through a unique collaboration: bringing together Arab and Israeli children to create colorful artwork for the labels of the fair trade olive oil bottles produced in cooperation by their mothers. The children were asked to illustrate the ideas of optimism, togetherness and hope. Speaking two different languages, yet united by endless colors, the children created instant bridges between the two cultures. The result: Extra unified, extra peaceful, extra virgin olive oil.

To learn more, you can watch the video that describes the process and the results on our YouTube page, read about it in the New York Times – Finding a Common Language Through Olive Oil, or look at our gallery to see more photos of the children, their moms, and their beautiful artwork!


Sindyanna Visitor Center

Here in Kfar Kana, where our olive oil is made with love, you will also find a beautiful visitor center that features and supports many other brands of fair trade. You can get a little souvenir for yourself and hear of our story, and most importantly meet all the wonderful women who spend their time creating our delicious award-winning extra peaceful olive oil! We also offer group workshops for za’atar making, basketry, and more.



Photos Taken By: Oren Shalev

Basket Weaving


Photos Taken By: Oren Shalev

Arrangement of Sindyanna Photos