Oasis Organic Olive Grove

Located in Wadi Ara, not far from the archeological site of Armageddon (Tel Megiddo), the Oasis Project is the embodiment of Sindyanna of Galilee’s core values. The project is a direct result of our commitment to the development of the olive industry among Arab farmers, producers and consumers. In March 2010, thousands of olive trees were planted in what was a derelict military firing range, which had been unapproachable for many years. Now, these 100 dunams provide a unique home to a modern, one of a kind enterprise of ecological, fair trade and organic olive grove that will empower and yield a source of income to its owners for years to come.

Set to be the first modern, organic olive grove in the Arab sector in Israel, this unique reclamation and long-term olive grove project is executed in partnership with Al-Juzur, a local association of Arab farmers from the Ara and Araara villages and with the support of Cooperativa Chico Mendes, Sindyanna of Galilee’s fair trade partner in Milano, Italy.

The Oasis project fosters a unique cooperation between Arabs and Jews, strengthening the economy of the Arab-Palestinian population, and modernizing their olive groves with sustainable cultivation methods and advanced techniques and irrigation. The organic olive oil that will soon be produced from this orchard is not merely a product of local heritage but also a tool of inspiration for the future.

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