Visitors Center

There is a place in the heart of the Galilee, in the village of Kanna, where Jewish and Arab women work in equality and mutual respect: Sindyanna of Galilee’s factory and Visitors Center for fair trade. We invite you to be part of our vision of a just society with peace and equal opportunity for all.

The Visitors Center welcomes tourists from abroad as well as Israelis, while serving as a meeting place for Jews and Arabs. Its spaces are suitable for a wide range of activities, accommodating up to 50 people (or more, subject to advance notification). The Center has been beautifully furnished using recycled wood from nearby factories.

The Visitors Center includes a studio where Arab women from Cana and the neighboring villages learn basketry. They weave in both traditional and modern styles, using palm fronds, olive branches, and willow withies. Their studio has become a place where Arab and Jewish women create together.

Sindyanna is located in the Kanna industrial zone, a short distance from the churches associated with the miracle of the wine. According to Christian tradition, the first miracle of Jesus occurred in Cana of Galilee where Jesus turned water into wine. In the present, Cana of Galilee boasts a number of international, religious, and historic sites, attracting approximately a half million tourists each year.

The Fair Trade Store:

  • The store, located within the Visitors Center, offers Sindyanna’s quality products, including organic and regular olive oil made from a range of olive varieties, za’atar (a hyssop-based herb blend), honey, almonds, carob syrup, and olive-oil cosmetics. The major credit cards are accepted.
  • The store also offers food from local producers, including tahini, halva, various spices, wine, Arak, chocolate, and cosmetic products.
  • Craft products offered include palm-frond baskets from the Visitors Center, embroidery, and other traditional crafts.

For tour groups we offer:

  • A chance to talk with Arab and Jewish women from Galilee
  • A possibility of combining the visit with lunch (see below)
  • A spacious and stylish hall
  • Parking for buses
  • Workshops, tasting sessions, basketry, and a Fair Trade store offering Boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, halva, tahini, carob syrup, baskets and more.

The help of tour guides and drivers in bringing groups to the Center will be appreciated and recognized.

Activities you can choose from:

  • Hydroponic workshop – learning how to develop and incorporate the Hydroponic and environmental subject into our daily life, including building in-house hydroponic systems. 


  • A film explaining Sindyanna’s work and agricultural projects (10 minutes).
  • Tasting oil made from varieties of olives, learning about traditional olive cultivation and oil production (20-30 minutes).
  • Meeting the basket weavers and talking to them about their lives and work – 20 minutes or more, as desired. Sindyanna has trained dozens of women in basketry, and the Center serves as a meeting place for Jewish and Arab women who weave together.
  • Basketry workshops, using palm fronds and withies. Ideal for family and workplace events – 60 minutes, or a special workshop of up to 3 hours.
  • Cooking workshops with local chefs.
  • Lunches offering traditional cuisine (advance notification required).
  • Lunches of falafel/ shwarma and a drink for groups.


The program of the visit can be adjusted to suit the requirements of each group.

Phone:  972-4-6516784
Cell: 972-50-433-0039

We are located two minutes south from Road 77 between Haifa and Tiberias. Exit off Road 77 at Beit Rimon Junction onto Road 754. Make the first turn right. Make the next turn right. And then make a final turn right (i.e. three right turns at the first opportunity). Arrive at Sindyanna of Galilee on your left. You can easily find us with Waze by entering “Sindyanna of Galilee“!