Boutique EVOO

Until recently, Arab farmers cultivated and relied mainly on the Souri olive cultivar. Native to our region, the Souri cultivar has been cultivated traditionally without irrigation, leading to sub-optimal quality, and commercially insufficient quantity, of produce. Recent years have seen scientific and technological advancements in the olive oil industry, especially with the entry of new olive cultivars to Israel, which are especially suitable to our specific microclimate and various terroire areas.

Sindyanna of Galilee is a strong advocate of these new cultivars which are more climate-resistant, generate more produce, and are better adapted to the requirements of commercial markets. Sindyanna invests resources in raising awareness and educating Arab farmers and consumers regarding the advantages of the high quality olive cultivars and their impact, alongside modern techniques and tools, on the olive oil industry and on individual household consumption.

Our extra virgin olive oil varieties are versatile. Drizzle them on salads to transform your salad seasonings, or simply sprinkle them on cheese and bread. Savor them with pasta or pair them with fish, lamb or poultry.

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Our Boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oil Varieties:

Picual – Extra Social Olive Oil
We recently debuted our latest ‘Extra Social’ olive oil which is made of the Piqual varietal grown in our Fairtrade Scottish Grove in Jezreel Valley. With origins from Spain, this variety is characterized by a balanced and complex aroma: bitter, spicy and sweet at the same time. Its name was planned in advance, well before the ‘Israeli Spring’ protests of 2023, but is still highly symbolic of both their goals and ours.


Barne’aExtra Hopeful Olive Oil
Recipient of numerous Terra Olivo and BIOL awards, this pleasantly bitter and spicy Barne’a EVOO displays a “green” herbaceous aroma and a strong pepper finish with a distinct pungency. Developed in Israel, the Barne’a cultivar has become Israel’s flagship olive oil and a must-have Mediterranean staple.


CoratinaExtra Positive Olive Oil
This remarkable Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won multiple awards, culminating with the recent Prestige Gold award at Terra Olivo. With origins in Puglia, Italy, this variety displays complex notes of green apple peel and asparagus that precede pleasant nuances of lingering green chili.


House Blend – Extra Unified Olive Oil
This well-balanced fruity house blend is composed of our award-winning Barne’a, Coratina and Arbequina cultivars. The wonderful aroma exudes green apple combined with herbal notes of fresh za’atar, thyme, and cinnamon. Light bitterness and pungency provide a strong finish with a lingering herbal flavor.


Photo: Itiel Zion