Olive Oil Soap

Sindyanna of Galilee’s fair trade olive oil soaps are produced from extra virgin olive oil mixed with local herbs and minerals. They are made according to traditional techniques in the West Bank city of Nablus and represent decades of know how accrued by the famous soap makers of Nablus – Adnan Tbeili and the Nablus Soap Company.

After five years of successfully exporting olive-oil soap that is uniform in shape and color, we now offer it with six enhancements: honey, lemon, Dead Sea mud, pomegranate, sage and milk. They are suitable for daily use and good for your skin, while friendly to the environment (read more about Nablus soap).

Apart from the health benefits of using olive oil in nutrition, topical application is quite popular, with extra virgin oil as the preferred grade for soaps and cosmetics. Olive oil has been known for generations as a natural, deeply penetrating moisturizer, adding smoothness and softness to dry scaly skin. In winter especially it regenerates skin cells and softens the tissue. People with various skin problems have experienced improvement after using olive-oil soap.

Sindyanna of Galilee’s soap is based on a mixture of virgin olive oil and natural elements, including mineral products from the Dead Sea. Herbs are carefully chosen for their healing and nourishing effect. The ingredients are processed using a method aimed at maintaining this effect.

Julyan Levy wrote an academic paper for his MA in Human Geography which follows Sindyanna’s olive oil soap and shows the power of ethical consumption. Thank you Julyan for sharing our story!