Fancy Food Show Press Release

Sindyanna of Galilee Launches in the US Market with Award-Winning Fair Trade Food Products

Having established its presence in Europe and Asia over the past few years and newly available at Whole Foods Market in the Northeast region of the US, Sindyanna of Galilee is now focused on expanding the presence of its socially responsible product line in the North American market. A unique association led by women seeking social change, Sindyanna’s goal is to produce premium quality food products while promoting Fair Trade, enhancing Arab-Jewish cooperation, creating economic opportunities for Arab women, and assisting local growers and producers.
Sindyanna’s range of extra virgin olive oils, which are certified organic and kosher, has received multiple international awards attesting to their outstanding quality and flavor. The olives are cultivated in groves nestled amid the hills and valleys of the Galilee region in northern Israel. Within hours of harvesting they are cold pressed and stored in air-tight churns to capture their fresh flavor and aroma. The end result is a selection of wholesome olive oils that reflect our passion and personal commitment.
Sindyanna’s other Fair Trade products include za’atar spice mixes, carob syrup, almonds, honey, olive oil soaps, and various traditional foods. Our delectable za’atar spice mix is produced in a traditional way from shade-dried leaves that are grown in the Galilee by Arab farmers, using a unique recipe that adds high quality roasted sesame seeds, sea salt, sumac and olive oil to the ground za’atar leaves (the hyssop of the Bible).

About Sindyanna of Galilee

Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is the only certified fair-trade olive oil producer in Israel that operates among the country’s Arab population bringing foresight, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact. Our staff consists of Arab and Jewish women who share a vision of peaceful coexistence, and work towards this goal side by side with skill, care, and a passion for the craft.