Joint Fair Trade Product Line


1st of May 2013 / COS​PE, BFTA, Sindyanna of Galilee and European Union

Launching a new Palestinian Israeli Fair Trade Products line

COSPE, BFTA and Sindyanna are pleased to invite you to participate in the launching of the Joint Fair Trade Products Line that will be organized on the 12th of May 2013 in Jerusalem at the American Colony Hotel, from 13.00 until 15.00.
The Joint Product Line, combining the work of artisans from Palestine and from the Galilee, was realized in the framework of the two and a half year project “Fair Trade, Fair Peace”, funded by the European Union and started in March 2012 in partnership with Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans and Sindyanna of Galilee.


The project is supporting and developing the collaboration among Arab, Jewish Israelis and Palestinians, which Sindyanna and BFTA began some years ago. Believing that the solution for the Middle East conflict starts by creating real economic opportunities, the three organizations joined their hands to support the most vulnerable populations, giving priority to women. The activities include capacity-building for the organizations and the targeted producers in Occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, as well as reinforcing the links with the local and Italian FT network.
The event will include a short introduction on the Project, with an overview of the activities realized so far and small presentations from the artisans, and the display of the first set of samples produced.

COSPE (Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries) is an Italian private, lay, non-profit organization established in 1983, working in Palestine since 1995 and developing interventions focusing on the rights and empowerment of two specific targets, women and youth.
The Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) is a support organization founded in 2009 on the principles of Fair Trade as its guide. BFTA strives to reach out through the West Bank to various organizations, cooperatives, individuals and centers for disabled people enabling them to receive consultation, training and a reliable income through the sales of their hand- made products made of olive wood, mother of pearl, recycle glass, recycle paper, embroidery and much more, through the Fair Trade Network.
Sindyanna of Galilee has been active in the Arab sector in Israel since 1997, with the aim of creating economic opportunities and places of work for women. The organization operates according to fair trade principles, marketing quality olive oil, olive oil soap, traditional foods and crafts to the local and international market.

For additional information about the venue, please contact the project manager, Ms. Chiara Carmignani, in Jerusalem, at 02 5834056, mobile 054 2603787/ 059 2110991, or Ms. Susan Sahori (BFTA) at 059 9899204, or Ms. Roni Ben Efrat (Sindyanna) at 050 4330038.