Embroidery by Suha Adnan Tbeleh

Product: Embroidered decorations
Producer: Suha Adnan Tbeleh
Location: Nablus, West Bank, Palestinian Authority Territory

I used to be a princess in my own way because I am the only girl in the family, what I wanted I would always get, my parents and brothers spoiled me. I got married at an early age. I was very young and immature. I was still in high school at that time. Not knowing the consequences of early marriage, I just obeyed my parents.

To make it short – my marriage was not a successful one. I did not regret anything, for it’s already happened and there’s nothing I can do about it but to accept the fact that life is not perfect and that things happen for a reason.

I got an Accounting diploma. I worked in Abu Dhabi and earned more than a man gets paid, but I was not so happy living far away from my family. So I decided to come back home and help my brothers with the business. Every day I motivate myself to go forward and face life without any fear; to do productive things not only for myself, but also for my family who cares and loves me with all their hearts.


Embroidery on the other hand was just a leisure pursuit. I feel so relaxed and happy doing it. It did not come into my mind to do it as a business. I regard it as a priceless gift for myself, for my relatives and friends. One day my friend came for a visit and excited me by telling me that the things I made were art and truly amazing. She said I can sell my work and have an income out of it. Indeed the idea was so nice and brilliant. I can relax myself and earn money at the same time.

Take your pains and sufferings, difficulties and hardships – one day at a time, for a new door is opened before you know it. Search diligently for the something to be glad and thankful about in everything that happens, for everything has its own purpose. Wake up every day with joy and peace. Success is just at your doorstep.

Suha Tbeleh’s works are sold at our Visitor Center in Kufr Manda. We sent one of her beautiful works a wedding present to Chihiro Imaizumi, who worked as a volunteer for Sindyanna during the summer of 2012.

Here are her words of thanks: ”Here is my house where i have just moved in. My husband and i love the gift so much because of its simple beauty and the warm feeling it produces.”