BE LONGING(S) + Sindyanna = Beautiful Bird’s Nests

Over the past year the women at Sindyanna’s basket weaving workshop in Kufr Manda began a special cooperative project with BE LONGING(S), when the interdisciplinary artist Noa Bar-Lev Davidor contacted our center to order a special item: a bird’s nest woven out of palm fronds.

Noa says: ”BE LOGNING(S) deals with usable items, employing simple language and prime materials, most of which are natural and in limited quantities. We work in cooperation with artisans and craftsmen who ply crafts that were abandoned in the era of technology.

The bird’s nest is one of the products at BE LOGNING(S) that relate to the idea of belonging or being connected to, or contained by, something or someone. The nest represents this idea both metaphorically and functionally. We are very happy to work in cooperation with the weaving women of Sindyanna of Galilee on this product, which we have conceived, designed, developed, and turned into an attractive object with the help of their skills. Each nest is a bit different, showing the weaver’s unique mark.“

The studio in Kfar Vitkin is open to the public during part of the week. For details and orders of birds’ nests, you can visit their web site.